Röszke // Borders Kill

Röszke // Borders Kill

In the end of 2015 an enormous influx of refugees developed at the European frontier between Hungary and Serbia. A majority of those fled bombs and war crimes in Syria, but within the EU, the readiness for admission tipped. Right-wing conservative politicians, in particular the Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán, campaigned for a zero-tolerance policy towards those seeking help. Hungary quickly constructed a virtually insurmountable fence along its outer border and used all state resources to seal off the country. We were on site in the last days before the border closure and have witnessed on film the last hours of the Balkan route.

Refugeecamp Röszke

Röszke – a small town on the Hungarian border, the last open eye of the needle for refugees to Hungary, dramatic and frightening. Volunteers from all over the EU are there to help.

Borders Kill – Die letzten Tage der Ungarn-Route

Tens of thousands of refugees have entered Hungary over the Balkans route in recent days. Most of them only want to travel through the country to find a new home in Western Europe. The wars in their mother countries force them to flee. But Hungary’s government is closing and rejecting people.